A LiDAR Point Cloud Generator: from a Virtual World to Autonomous Driving

Oct 31, 2017 Submission readers: everyone
  • Abstract: 3D LiDAR scanners are playing an increasingly important role in autonomous driving as they can generate depth information of the environment. However, creating large 3D LiDAR point-cloud datasets with point-level labels requires a significant amount of manual annotation. This jeopardizes the efficient development of supervised deep learning algorithms. We present a framework to rapidly create point clouds with accurate point-level labels from a computer game. The framework supports data collection from both autonomous-driving scenes and user-configured scenes. Point clouds from auto-driving scenes can be used as training data for deep learning algorithms. We show a significant improvement in accuracy (+9\%) in point cloud segmentation by augmenting the training dataset with the generated synthesized data. Point clouds from user-configured scenes can then be used to systematically test and analyze neural networks by sampling scenes in the scene modification space. We also propose a method to do automatic calibration between the point cloud and captured scene image.
  • Keywords: LiDAR Generator, Virtual World, Autonomous Driving
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