InstructScene: Instruction-Driven 3D Indoor Scene Synthesis with Semantic Graph Prior

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Keywords: 3D indoor scene synthesis, controllable generative models, graph diffusion models
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TL;DR: We propose to synthesize 3D indoor scenes from instructions by integrating a semantic graph prior and a layout decoder, significantly improving generation controllability and fidelity.
Abstract: Comprehending natural language instructions is a charming property for 3D indoor scene synthesis systems. Existing methods directly model object joint distributions and express object relations implicitly within a scene, thereby hindering the controllability of generation. We introduce InstructScene, a novel generative framework that integrates a semantic graph prior and a layout decoder to improve controllability and fidelity for 3D scene synthesis. The proposed semantic graph prior jointly learns scene appearances and layout distributions, exhibiting versatility across various downstream tasks in a zero-shot manner. To facilitate the benchmarking for text-driven 3D scene synthesis, we curate a high-quality dataset of scene-instruction pairs with large language and multimodal models. Extensive experimental results reveal that the proposed method surpasses existing state-of-the-art approaches by a large margin. Thorough ablation studies confirm the efficacy of crucial design components. Project page:
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Primary Area: generative models
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