A neural multilevel method for high-dimensional parametric PDEsDownload PDF

Sep 27, 2021 (edited Oct 19, 2021)DLDE Workshop -- NeurIPS 2021 PosterReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: scientific machine learning, deep learning, partial differential equations, multigrid methods, uncertainty quantification
  • Abstract: In scientific machine learning, neural networks recently have become a popular tool for learning the solutions of differential equations. However, practical results often conflict the existing theoretical predictions in that observed convergence stagnates early. A substantial improvement can be achieved by the presented multilevel scheme which decomposes the considered problem into easier to train sub-problems, resulting in a sequence of neural networks. The efficacy of the approach is demonstrated for high-dimensional parametric elliptic PDEs that are common benchmark problems in uncertainty quantification. Moreover, a theoretical analysis of the expressivity of the developed neural networks is devised.
  • Publication Status: This work is unpublished.
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