Unified Generative Modeling of 3D Molecules with Bayesian Flow Networks

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Keywords: Drug Design, Molecule Generation, Deep Learning, Computational Biology
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TL;DR: A new 3D molecule generative model based on Bayesian Flow Networks
Abstract: Advanced generative model (\textit{e.g.}, diffusion model) derived from simplified continuity assumptions of data distribution, though showing promising progress, has been difficult to apply directly to geometry generation applications due to the \textit{multi-modality} and \textit{noise-sensitive} nature of molecule geometry. This work introduces Geometric Bayesian Flow Networks (GeoBFN), which naturally fits molecule geometry by modeling diverse modalities in the differentiable parameter space of distributions. GeoBFN maintains the SE-(3) invariant density modeling property by incorporating equivariant inter-dependency modeling on parameters of distributions and unifying the probabilistic modeling of different modalities. Through optimized training and sampling techniques, we demonstrate that GeoBFN achieves state-of-the-art performance on multiple 3D molecule generation benchmarks in terms of generation quality (90.87\% molecule stability in QM9 and 85.6\% atom stability in GEOM-DRUG\footnote{The scores are reported at 1k sampling steps for fair comparison, and our scores could be further improved if sampling sufficiently longer steps.}). GeoBFN can also conduct sampling with any number of steps to reach an optimal trade-off between efficiency and quality (\textit{e.g.}, 20$\times$ speedup without sacrificing performance).
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