Distilling GANs with Style-Mixed Triplets for X2I Translation with Limited DataDownload PDF

29 Sept 2021, 00:30 (edited 15 Mar 2022)ICLR 2022 PosterReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Transfer learning, image synthesis, limited data.
  • Abstract: Conditional image synthesis is an integral part of many X2I translation systems, including image-to-image, text-to-image and audio-to-image translation systems. Training these large systems generally requires huge amounts of training data. Therefore, we investigate knowledge distillation to transfer knowledge from a high-quality unconditioned generative model (e.g., StyleGAN) to a conditioned synthetic image generation modules in a variety of systems. To initialize the conditional and reference branch (from a unconditional GAN) we exploit the style mixing characteristics of high-quality GANs to generate an infinite supply of style-mixed triplets to perform the knowledge distillation. Extensive experimental results in a number of image generation tasks (i.e., image-to-image, semantic segmentation-to-image, text-to-image and audio-to-image) demonstrate qualitatively and quantitatively that our method successfully transfers knowledge to the synthetic image generation modules, resulting in more realistic images than previous methods as confirmed by a significant drop in the FID.
  • One-sentence Summary: One transfer learning method generalizes varying kinds of conditional image synthesization tasks.
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