KOBE: Cloud-native Open Benchmarking Engine for Federated Query ProcessorsDownload PDF

Published: 23 Feb 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023ESWC 2021 ResourcesReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Database benchmarking, Federated query processing, SPARQL, Semantic Web
Abstract: In the SPARQL query processing community, as well as in the wider databases community, benchmark reproducibility is based on releasing datasets and query workloads. However, this paradigm breaks down for federated query processors, as these systems do not manage the data they serve to their clients but provide a data-integration abstraction over the actual query processors that are in direct contact with the data. As a consequence, benchmark results can be greatly affected by the performance and characteristics of the underlying data services. This is further aggravated when one considers benchmarking in more realistic conditions, where internet latency and throughput between the federator and the federated data sources is also a key factor. In this paper we present KOBE, a benchmarking system that leverages modern containerization and Cloud computing technologies in order to reproduce collections of data sources. In KOBE, data sources are formally described in more detail than what is conventionally provided, covering not only the data served but also the specific software that serves it and its configuration as well as the characteristics of the network that connects them. KOBE provides a specification formalism and a command-line interface that completely hides from the user the mechanics of provisioning and orchestrating the benchmarking process on Kubernetes based infrastructures; and of simulating network latency. Finally, KOBE automates the process of collecting and comprehending logs, and extracting and visualizing evaluation metrics from these logs.
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