GAN2GAN: Generative Noise Learning for Blind Denoising with Single Noisy ImagesDownload PDF

Published: 12 Jan 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023ICLR 2021 PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: blind denoising, unsupervised learning, iterative training, generative learning
Abstract: We tackle a challenging blind image denoising problem, in which only single distinct noisy images are available for training a denoiser, and no information about noise is known, except for it being zero-mean, additive, and independent of the clean image. In such a setting, which often occurs in practice, it is not possible to train a denoiser with the standard discriminative training or with the recently developed Noise2Noise (N2N) training; the former requires the underlying clean image for the given noisy image, and the latter requires two independently realized noisy image pair for a clean image. To that end, we propose GAN2GAN (Generated-Artificial-Noise to Generated-Artificial-Noise) method that first learns a generative model that can 1) simulate the noise in the given noisy images and 2) generate a rough, noisy estimates of the clean images, then 3) iteratively trains a denoiser with subsequently synthesized noisy image pairs (as in N2N), obtained from the generative model. In results, we show the denoiser trained with our GAN2GAN achieves an impressive denoising performance on both synthetic and real-world datasets for the blind denoising setting; it almost approaches the performance of the standard discriminatively-trained or N2N-trained models that have more information than ours, and it significantly outperforms the recent baseline for the same setting, \textit{e.g.}, Noise2Void, and a more conventional yet strong one, BM3D. The official code of our method is available at
One-sentence Summary: We devise GAN2GAN method that trains a blind denoiser solely based on the single noisy images.
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