Advancing OMR as a Community: Best Practices for Reproducible ResearchDownload PDF

Jul 04, 2018 (edited Aug 27, 2018)ISMIR 2018 WoRMS SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: optical music recognition, reproducible research
  • TL;DR: A collection of best practices for reproducible research in the OMR field
  • Abstract: Optical Music Recognition has been under investigation for over 60 years but remains an unsolved problem, because research happens distributedly, often without reusability in mind. As scientists, it should be one of the goals to share knowledge in a way, that it becomes accessible and useful for someone else to build on top. Without that, one's effort is often doomed to rot in a drawer. To oppose this development, not only the paper, but also the source code, datasets, and executables should be made publicly available for the community to finally advance beyond the state, where the wheel is re-invented every time a new researcher joins the field.
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