A Simple Video Segmenter by Tracking Objects Along Axial Trajectories

Published: 12 Jun 2024, Last Modified: 12 Jun 2024Accepted by TMLREveryoneRevisionsBibTeXCC BY-SA 4.0
Abstract: Video segmentation requires consistently segmenting and tracking objects over time. Due to the quadratic dependency on input size, directly applying self-attention to video segmentation with high-resolution input features poses significant challenges, often leading to GPU Out-Of-Memory errors. Consequently, modern video segmenters either extend an image segmenter without incorporating any temporal attention or resort to window space-time attention in a naive manner. In this work, we present Axial-VS, a general and simple framework that enhances video segmenters by tracking objects along axial trajectories. The framework tackles video segmentation through two sub-tasks: short-term within-clip segmentation and long-term cross-clip tracking. In the first step, Axial-VS augments an off-the-shelf clip-level video segmenter with the proposed axial-trajectory attention, sequentially tracking objects along the height- and width-trajectories within a clip, thereby enhancing temporal consistency by capturing motion trajectories. The axial decomposition significantly reduces the computational complexity for dense features, and outperforms the window space-time attention in segmentation quality. In the second step, we further employ axial-trajectory attention to the object queries in clip-level segmenters, which are learned to encode object information, thereby aiding object tracking across different clips and achieving consistent segmentation throughout the video. Without bells and whistles, Axial-VS showcases state-of-the-art results on video segmentation benchmarks, emphasizing its effectiveness in addressing the limitations of modern clip-level video segmenters. Code will be made available.
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