Programming with Personalized PageRank: A Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic LogicDownload PDF

May 13, 2021 (edited Apr 20, 2013)ICML 2013 Inferning submissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: In many probabilistic first-order representation systems, inference is performed by 'grounding'' -- i.e., mapping it to a propositional representation, and then performing propositional inference. With a large database of facts, groundings can be very large, making inference and learning computationally expensive. Here we present a first-order probabilistic language which is well-suited to approximate 'local'' grounding: every query $Q$ can be approximately grounded with a small graph. The language is an extension of stochastic logic programs where inference is performed by a variant of personalized PageRank. Experimentally, we show that the approach performs well without weight learning on an entity resolution task; that supervised weight-learning improves accuracy; and that grounding time is independent of DB size. We also show how our approach can be used for joint inference in a statistical relational learning task.
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