Can LLM's Generate Human-Like Wayfinding Instructions? Towards Platform-Agnostic Embodied Instruction SynthesisDownload PDF


16 Dec 2023ACL ARR 2023 December Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
TL;DR: We present an LLM-based approach to synthesize "wayfinding" instructions for embodied navigation.
Abstract: We present a novel approach to automatically synthesize "wayfinding instructions" for an embodied robot agent. In contrast to prior approaches that are heavily reliant on human-annotated datasets designed exclusively for specific simulation platforms, our algorithm uses in-context learning to condition an LLM to generate instructions using just a few references. Using an LLM-based Visual Question Answering strategy, we gather detailed information about the environment which is used by the LLM for instruction synthesis. We implement our approach on multiple simulation platforms including Matterport3D, AI Habitat and ThreeDWorld, thereby demonstrating its platform-agnostic nature. We subjectively evaluate our approach via a user study and observe that 83.3% of users find the synthesized instructions accurately capture the details of the environment and show characteristics similar to those of human-generated instructions. Further, we conduct zero-shot navigation with multiple approaches on the REVERIE dataset using the generated instructions and observe very close correlation with the baseline on standard success metrics (< 1% change in SR), quantifying the viability of generated instructions in replacing human-annotated data. To the best of our knowledge, ours is the first LLM-driven approach capable of generating "human-like" instructions in a platform-agnostic manner, without requiring any form of training.
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Research Area: NLP Applications
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