FedDSE: Distribution-aware Sub-model Extraction for Federated Learning over Resource-constrained Devices

Published: 23 Jan 2024, Last Modified: 23 May 2024TheWebConf24EveryoneRevisionsBibTeX
Keywords: Federated Learning, Submodel selection, Resource-constrained Devices
TL;DR: A submodel selection strategy for federated learning of large models on resource-constrained devices
Abstract: Sub-model extraction based federated learning has emerged as a popular strategy for training models on resource-constrained devices. However, existing methods treat all clients equally and extract sub-models using predetermined rules, which disregard the statistical heterogeneity across clients and may lead to fierce competition among them. Specifically, this paper identifies that when making predictions, different clients tend to activate different neurons of the entire model related to their respective distributions. If highly activated neurons from some clients with one distribution are incorporated into the sub-model allocated to other clients with different distributions, they will be forced to fit the new distributions, which can hinder their activation over the previous clients and result in a performance reduction. Motivated by this finding, we propose a novel method called FedDSE, which can reduce the conflicts among clients by extracting sub-models based on the data distribution of each client. The core idea of FedDSE is to empower each client to adaptively extract neurons from the entire model based on their activation over the local dataset. We theoretically show that FedDSE can achieve an improved classification score and convergence over general neural networks with the ReLU activation function. Experimental results on various datasets and models show that FedDSE outperforms all state-of-the-art baselines.
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