Stochastic Multi-Person 3D Motion ForecastingDownload PDF

Published: 01 Feb 2023, Last Modified: 12 Mar 2024ICLR 2023 notable top 25%Readers: Everyone
Keywords: stochastic forecasting, multi-person 3D motion, dual-level generative modeling
TL;DR: We introduce a new task of stochastic multi-person 3D motion forecasting, and propose a dual-level generative modeling framework to address this task.
Abstract: This paper aims to deal with the ignored real-world complexities in prior work on human motion forecasting, emphasizing the social properties of multi-person motion, the diversity of motion and social interactions, and the complexity of articulated motion. To this end, we introduce a novel task of stochastic multi-person 3D motion forecasting. We propose a dual-level generative modeling framework that separately models independent individual motion at the local level and social interactions at the global level. Notably, this dual-level modeling mechanism can be achieved within a shared generative model, through introducing learnable latent codes that represent intents of future motion and switching the codes' modes of operation at different levels. Our framework is general; we instantiate it with different generative models, including generative adversarial networks and diffusion models, and various multi-person forecasting models. Extensive experiments on CMU-Mocap, MuPoTS-3D, and SoMoF benchmarks show that our approach produces diverse and accurate multi-person predictions, significantly outperforming the state of the art.
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