A Python application programming interface for accessing Philips iSyntax whole slide images for computational pathologyDownload PDF

Published: 09 May 2022, Last Modified: 12 May 2023MIDL 2022 Short PapersReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Digital pathology, application programming interface, iSyntax
TL;DR: OpenPhi, a Python Programming Interface for accessing the iSyntax images, thus leveraging the application of image processing and AI algorithms.
Abstract: Digital pathology has demonstrated its impact in improving diagnostics and prognostics in the field of pathology, through the utilization of deep learning algorithms. However, equipment from different scanner vendors used for digitizing the glass slides impose challenges for researchers due to non-interoperability between their proprietary formats. We have previously published OpenPhi (Open PatHology Interface), a Python Application Programming Interface providing seamless access to the iSyntax format of the Philips Ultra Fast Scanner, and in this short paper, we summarise its key features.
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