Embedding Synthetic Off-Policy Experience for Autonomous Driving via Zero-Shot CurriculaDownload PDF

Published: 10 Sept 2022, Last Modified: 05 May 2023CoRL 2022 OralReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Imitation Learning, Curriculum Learning, Autonomous Driving
TL;DR: A zero-shot transfer of a difficulty model to generate training curricula for an AV planning agent using only 10% of the data outperforms training on full dataset.
Abstract: ML-based motion planning is a promising approach to produce agents that exhibit complex behaviors, and automatically adapt to novel environments. In the context of autonomous driving, it is common to treat all available training data equally. However, this approach produces agents that do not perform robustly in safety-critical settings, an issue that cannot be addressed by simply adding more data to the training set -- we show that an agent trained using only a 10% subset of the data performs just as well as an agent trained on the entire dataset. We present a method to predict the inherent difficulty of a driving situation given data collected from a fleet of autonomous vehicles deployed on public roads. We then demonstrate that this difficulty score can be used in a zero-shot transfer to generate curricula for an imitation-learning based planning agent. Compared to training on the entire unbiased training dataset, we show that prioritizing difficult driving scenarios both reduces collisions by 15% and increases route adherence by 14% in closed-loop evaluation, all while using only 10% of the training data.
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