Cross-Dataset Sensor Alignment: Making Visual 3D Object Detector GeneralizableDownload PDF

Published: 30 Aug 2023, Last Modified: 30 Oct 2023CoRL 2023 PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: 3D object detection, Model Generalization, Autonomous Driving
TL;DR: This paper intduces a method to improve the generalization capability of camera-based 3D object detectors for autonomous driving by aligning sensor configurations, resulting in significant performance improvements across multiple datasets.
Abstract: While camera-based 3D object detection has evolved rapidly, these models are susceptible to overfitting to specific sensor setups. For example, in autonomous driving, most datasets are collected using a single sensor configuration. This paper evaluates the generalization capability of camera-based 3D object detectors, including adapting detectors from one dataset to another and training detectors with multiple datasets. We observe that merely aggregating datasets yields drastic performance drops, contrary to the expected improvements associated with increased training data. To close the gap, we introduce an efficient technique for aligning disparate sensor configurations ---a combination of camera intrinsic synchronization, camera extrinsic correction, and ego frame alignment, which collectively enhance cross-dataset performance remarkably. Compared with single dataset baselines, we achieve 42.3 mAP improvement on KITTI, 23.2 mAP improvement on Lyft, 18.5 mAP improvement on nuScenes, 17.3 mAP improvement on KITTI-360, 8.4 mAP improvement on Argoverse2 and 3.9 mAP improvement on Waymo. We hope this comprehensive study can facilitate research on generalizable 3D object detection and associated tasks.
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