Successor Feature Neural Episodic ControlDownload PDF

30 Sept 2021, 15:22 (modified: 10 Dec 2021, 14:37)NeurIPS 2021 Workshop MetaLearn PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, Sample Efficiency, Episodic Control, Successor Features
TL;DR: A reinforcement learning framework merging sample efficiency using episodic control with meta learning using successor features
Abstract: A longstanding goal in reinforcement learning is to build intelligent agents that show fast learning and a flexible transfer of skills akin to humans and animals. This paper investigates the integration of two frameworks for tackling those goals: episodic control and successor features. Episodic control is a cognitively inspired approach relying on episodic memory, an instance-based memory model of an agent's experiences. Meanwhile, successor features and generalized policy improvement (SF&GPI) is a meta and transfer learning framework allowing to learn policies for tasks that can be efficiently reused for later tasks which have a different reward function. Individually, these two techniques have shown impressive results in vastly improving sample efficiency and the elegant reuse of previously learned policies. Thus, we outline a combination of both approaches in a single reinforcement learning framework and empirically illustrate its benefits.
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