VertiBench: Advancing Feature Distribution Diversity in Vertical Federated Learning Benchmarks

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Keywords: Vertical federated learning, benchmark, feature correlation, feature importance
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TL;DR: This paper presents VertiBench, a comprehensive benchmark for vertical federated learning, covering an extensive range of application scenarios.
Abstract: Vertical Federated Learning (VFL) is a crucial paradigm for training machine learning models on feature-partitioned, distributed data. However, due to privacy restrictions, few public real-world VFL datasets exist for algorithm evaluation, and these represent a limited array of feature distributions. Existing benchmarks often resort to synthetic datasets, derived from arbitrary feature splits from a global set, which only capture a subset of feature distributions, leading to inadequate algorithm performance assessment. This paper addresses these shortcomings by introducing two key factors affecting VFL performance - feature importance and feature correlation - and proposing associated evaluation metrics and dataset splitting methods. Additionally, we introduce a real VFL dataset to address the deficit in image-image VFL scenarios. Our comprehensive evaluation of cutting-edge VFL algorithms provides valuable insights for future research in the field.
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Primary Area: datasets and benchmarks
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