Real Robot Challenge Phase 3: Manipulating Objects using High-Level Coordination of Motion PrimitivesDownload PDF


Jan 27, 2021 (edited Jan 27, 2021)RCC 2020 Challenge Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: manipulation, robotics
  • TL;DR: Real Robot Challenge Phase 2: No ML Required
  • Abstract: In Phase 1, we presented an approach to rigid-body manipulation based on carefully-designed motion primitives. In Phase 2, we demonstrated that these primitives combined with a more robust state machine can reasonably complete all 4 tasks on a real robot. For Phase 3, to perform manipulation with a cuboid, we continue with the same approach with a different set of motion primitives. Our approach shows promising results on the position-based tasks for cuboid manipulation. In general, our approach emphasizes the use of ML machinery only when classical approaches fail.
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