Almost Linear Constant-Factor Sketching for $\ell_1$ and Logistic RegressionDownload PDF

Published: 01 Feb 2023, Last Modified: 02 Mar 2023ICLR 2023 posterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: regression, sketching, data streams, logistic regression
TL;DR: We give the first constant factor approximate sketches for l1 and logistic regression in a turnstile stream with almost linear sketching dimension that result in an efficient optimization problem in the sketch space.
Abstract: We improve upon previous oblivious sketching and turnstile streaming results for $\ell_1$ and logistic regression, giving a much smaller sketching dimension achieving $O(1)$-approximation and yielding an efficient optimization problem in the sketch space. Namely, we achieve for any constant $c>0$ a sketching dimension of $\tilde{O}(d^{1+c})$ for $\ell_1$ regression and $\tilde{O}(\mu d^{1+c})$ for logistic regression, where $\mu$ is a standard measure that captures the complexity of compressing the data. For $\ell_1$-regression our sketching dimension is near-linear and improves previous work which either required $\Omega(\log d)$-approximation with this sketching dimension, or required a larger $\operatorname{poly}(d)$ number of rows. Similarly, for logistic regression previous work had worse $\operatorname{poly}(\mu d)$ factors in its sketching dimension. We also give a tradeoff that yields a $1+\varepsilon$ approximation in input sparsity time by increasing the total size to $(d\log(n)/\varepsilon)^{O(1/\varepsilon)}$ for $\ell_1$ and to $(\mu d\log(n)/\varepsilon)^{O(1/\varepsilon)}$ for logistic regression. Finally, we show that our sketch can be extended to approximate a regularized version of logistic regression where the data-dependent regularizer corresponds to the variance of the individual logistic losses.
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