FedP3: Federated Personalized and Privacy-friendly Network Pruning under Model Heterogeneity

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Keywords: Network Pruning, Federated Learning, Model Heterogeneity
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TL;DR: We introduce FedP3, a flexible and privacy-aware federated network pruning framework, addressing model heterogeneity and allowing client-specific personalization.
Abstract: The interest in federated learning has surged in recent research due to its unique ability to train a global model using privacy-secured information held locally on each client. This paper pays particular attention to the issue of client-side model heterogeneity, a pervasive challenge in the practical implementation of FL that escalates its complexity. Assuming a scenario where each client possesses varied memory storage, processing capabilities and network bandwidth - a phenomenon referred to as system heterogeneity - there is a pressing need to customize a unique model for each client. In response to this, we present an effective and adaptable federated framework FedP3, representing Federated Personalized and Privacy-friendly network Pruning, tailored for model heterogeneity scenarios. Our proposed methodology can incorporate and adapt well-established techniques to its specific instances. We offer a theoretical interpretation of FedP3 and its locally differential-private variant, DP-FedP3, and theoretically validate their efficiencies.
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