You Only Write Thrice: Creating Documents, Computational Notebooks and Presentations From a Single SourceDownload PDF

Published: 14 Apr 2021, Last Modified: 22 Oct 2023Rethinking ML Papers - ICLR 2021 workshop OralReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Content Generation, reveal.js, Jupyter Book, Jupyter Notebook
TL;DR: How to automatically generate interactive documents, slides and computational notebooks from a single markdown source.
Abstract: Academic trade requires juggling multiple variants of the same content published in different formats: manuscripts, presentations, posters and computational notebooks. The need to track versions to accommodate for the write--review--rebut--revise life-cycle adds another layer of complexity. We propose to significantly reduce this burden by maintaining a single source document in a version-controlled environment (such as git), adding functionality to generate a collection of output formats popular in academia. To this end, we utilise various open-source tools from the Jupyter scientific computing ecosystem and operationalise selected software engineering concepts. We offer a proof-of-concept workflow that composes Jupyter Book (an online document), Jupyter Notebook (a computational narrative) and reveal.js slides from a single markdown source file. Hosted on GitHub, our approach supports change tracking and versioning, as well as a transparent review process based on the underlying code issue management infrastructure. An exhibit of our workflow can be previewed at
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