Explore Spreading of Droplets with Computer Simulation

XJTU 2024 CSUC Submission1 Authors

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Keywords: Droplet impact, wetting properties, spreading, fluid dynamics model, numerical computation, finite element simulation, VOF
TL;DR: An exploratory paper at the intersection of physics and computer science
Abstract: In the realm of production and daily life, the collision phenomenon between droplets and objects is a focal point in the study of engineering fluid dynamics. The infiltration and spreading behavior of various types of droplets on solid and liquid surfaces constitute a prominent subject of investigation. The research outcomes in this domain find extensive applications in fields such as multiphase flows and thermal spray coating. However, due to the intricate nature of their dynamical states, probing into issues within this domain typically necessitates the utilization of computational methodologies from computer science for simulation, emulation, and analysis. To delve into the dynamical states of the droplet spreading process and address the pivotal influencing factors therein, this study devises a simplified model based on rational assumptions. Evolution models employing ordinary and partial differential equations are derived. Furthermore, incorporating finite element analysis techniques, the model undergoes simulation and analysis via computer experimental methods, leading to reasonably sound conclusions.
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