Recurrent Experience Replay in Distributed Reinforcement Learning


Sep 27, 2018 (modified: Oct 10, 2018) ICLR 2019 Conference Blind Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
  • Abstract: Building on the recent successes of distributed training of RL agents, in this paper we investigate the training of RNN-based RL agents from experience replay. We investigate the effects of parameter lag resulting in representational drift and recurrent state staleness and empirically derive an improved training strategy. Using a single network architecture and fixed set of hyper-parameters, the resulting agent, Recurrent Replay Distributed DQN, triples the previous state of the art on Atari-57, and surpasses the state of the art on DMLab-30. R2D2 is the first agent to exceed human-level performance in 52 of the 57 Atari games.
  • Keywords: RNN, LSTM, experience replay, distributed training, reinforcement learning
  • TL;DR: Investigation on combining recurrent neural networks and experience replay leading to state-of-the-art agent on both Atari-57 and DMLab-30 using single set of hyper-parameters.
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