PyLissom: A tool for modeling computational maps of the visual cortex in PyTorchDownload PDF

Oct 29, 2018 (edited Nov 14, 2018)NIPS 2018 Workshop MLOSS Paper13 DecisionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: computer vision, artificial neural networks, bio-inspired models, PyTorch
  • Abstract: Despite impressive advancements in the last years, human vision is still much more robust than machine vision. This article presents PyLissom, a novel software library for the modeling of the cortex maps in the visual system. The software was implemented in PyTorch, a modern deep learning framework, and it allows full integration with other PyTorch modules. We hypothesize that PyLissom could act as a bridge between the neuroscience and machine learning communities, driving to advancements in both fields.
  • Decision: accept
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