Multi-scale Regional Attention Deeplab3+: Multiple Myeloma Plasma Cells Segmentation in Microscopic ImagesDownload PDF

Published: 25 Aug 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023COMPAY 2021Readers: Everyone
Keywords: Myeloma Plasma Cell, Segmentation, Attention Deeplabv3+, Deep Learning, SegPC2021, Grand Challenge
TL;DR: Two stage deep learning method for multiple myeloma plasma cell segmentation
Abstract: Multiple myeloma cancer is a type of blood cancer that happens when the growth of abnormal plasma cells becomes out of control in the bone marrow. There are various ways to diagnose multiple myeloma in bone marrow such as complete blood count test (CBC) or counting myeloma plasma cells in aspirate slide images using manual visualization or through image processing techniques. In this work, an automatic deep learning method for the detection and segmentation of multiple myeloma plasma cell have been explored. To this end, a two-stage deep learning method is designed. In the first stage, the nucleus detection network is utilized to extract each instance of a cell of interest. The extracted instance is then fed to the multi-scale function to generate a multi-scale representation. The objective of the multi-scale function is to capture the shape variation and reduce the effect of object scale on the cytoplasm segmentation network. The generated scales are then fed into a pyramid of cytoplasm networks to learn the segmentation map in various scales. On top of the cytoplasm segmentation network, we included a scale aggregation function to refine and generate a final prediction. The proposed approach has been evaluated on the SegPC2021 grand challenge and ranked second on the final test phase among all teams.
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