Stable Target Field for Reduced Variance Score EstimationDownload PDF

Published: 01 Feb 2023, 19:20, Last Modified: 01 Feb 2023, 19:20ICLR 2023 posterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: generative model, score-based models, diffusion models, variance reduction
TL;DR: We propose a low variance objective to improve the training of score-based models
Abstract: Score-based generative models (SGMs) generate samples by reversing a fixed forward diffusion process. Despite impressive empirical results, we observe that the training process leads to unstable outcomes, especially when the reverse-time solvers adopt a large step size. The performance of converged models varies significantly with different random seeds, and they produce noticeable artifacts in generated samples. We suggest that the source of such instability lies in the handling of intermediate noise-variance scales, where multiple modes in the data affect the direction of reverse paths. Thus, the score-matching objective has a large sample variance in this regime, explaining lesser quality score estimates. We propose to remedy the problem by incorporating a reference batch for minibatch updates where the reference batch is used to calculate weighted conditional scores as the more stable training targets. We show that the procedure indeed helps in the challenging intermediate regime by reducing (the trace of) the covariance of training targets. The new stable targets can be seen as trading bias for reduced variance where the bias vanishes with increasing reference batch size. Empirically, we show that the new objective improves the image quality of state-of-the-art SGMs across datasets with both general ODE and SDE solvers. In particular, our method improves and stabilizes the final performance of SGMs, as well as speeding up the training process.
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