Bridging Offline and Online Experimentation: Constraint Active Search for Deployed Performance Optimization

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Abstract: A common challenge in machine learning model development is that models perform differently between the offline development phase and the eventual deployment phase. Fundamentally, the goal of such a model is to maximize performance during deployment, but such performance cannot be measured offline. As such, we propose to augment the standard offline sample efficient hyperparameter optimization to instead search offline for a diverse set of models which can have potentially superior online performance. To this end, we utilize Constraint Active Search to identify such a diverse set of models, and we study their online performance using a variant of Best Arm Identification to select the best model for deployment. The key contribution of this article is the theoretical analysis of the two-phase development strategy, both in analyzing the probability of improvement over the baseline as well as the number of viable treatments for online testing. We demonstrate the viability of this strategy on synthetic examples, as well as a recommendation system benchmark.
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