BEHAVIOR-1K: A Benchmark for Embodied AI with 1,000 Everyday Activities and Realistic SimulationDownload PDF

Published: 10 Sept 2022, Last Modified: 05 May 2023CoRL 2022 OralReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Embodied AI Benchmark, Everyday Activities, Mobile Manipulation
TL;DR: BEHAVIOR-1K is a novel human-centric benchmark for Embodied AI in simulation with 1000 everyday activities, a diverse dataset of 5,000+ objects and 50 scenes, and a simulation environment, OmniGibson, that reaches high levels of simulation realism.
Abstract: We present BEHAVIOR-1K, a comprehensive simulation benchmark for human-centered robotics. BEHAVIOR-1K includes two components, guided and motivated by the results of an extensive survey on "what do you want robots to do for you?". The first is the definition of 1,000 everyday activities, grounded in 50 scenes (houses, gardens, restaurants, offices, etc.) with more than 5,000 objects annotated with rich physical and semantic properties. The second is OmniGibson, a novel simulation environment that supports these activities via realistic physics simulation and rendering of rigid bodies, deformable bodies, and liquids. Our experiments indicate that the activities in BEHAVIOR-1K are long-horizon and dependent on complex manipulation skills, both of which remain a challenge for even state-of-the-art robot learning solutions. To calibrate the simulation-to-reality gap of BEHAVIOR-1K, we provide an initial study on transferring solutions learned with a mobile manipulator in a simulated apartment to its real-world counterpart. We hope that BEHAVIOR-1K's human-grounded nature, diversity, and realism make it valuable for embodied AI and robot learning research. Project website:
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